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Cultural Activities | Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese Summer Camp in Suzhou

At our Chinese Summer Camp in Suzhou, students will take Mandarin classes, participate in various Chinese cultural activities and visit different historical and tourist sites in Suzhou. The Beijing trips include the Humble Administrator’s Garden among other tourist attractions.

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Our Campus In Suzhou, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP)


Our Suzhou Campus is located just 190 meters from Xinghai Square subway station – the hub of the Suzhou Industrial Park business / nightlife center.
You can get to our school by taking Line 1 to Xinghai Square subway station, and then take Exit 3.

School Design

That’s Mandarin Suzhou occupies the southeast unit of Level 21 Zhongyin Huilong Mansion with a floor area of over 300 square metres.
Our rooms are named after the signs of the Zodiac (Yes, it means there are 12 rooms in total) and are decorated as such.

Besides various sizes of classrooms, there is also an activity room with a mini library inside (we like to call it the “Sunroom” as it enjoys generous natural light from the south and east), a coffee room, and a computer lab.

☕️ 🍵 We offer water and other types of refreshments (depending on the season) in the coffee room to help you stay hydrated. Or you can always visit the Starbucks on the ground floor of the building.

Camp Highlights

A Variety of Courses

We make lessons fun for your kids through various methods: cartoon classes, storytelling, role playing, games and more.

Vibrant & Cultural Activities

Kids will be involved in various Chinese arts and games and practice the language in a real-life setting.

Exciting Field Trips

Campers will visit famous sites and landmarks in Beijing, tracing the Chinese history and traditions.

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