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To guarantee a smooth application process and secure your spot in a program of your choice, we recommend students to apply at least 3 months before their camp start dates. This is also to ensure there will be enough time to apply for a visa to enter and stay in China.

We have different class types, including comic classes, story classes, listening classes, reading classes, etc. We aim at improving students’ ability to apply their knowledge of Chinese in practice – by taking them to local shops and markets, and letting them complete simple tasks using the words and phrases they’ve learnt in class.

All of our classes are taught in Chinese, allowing the students to have a fully immersive experience. Even for absolute beginners, our teachers use English in class as rarely as possible. Instead, they will use pictures, videos and body language to help students understand them. As the Chinese level progresses, less and less English is used, and you or your children will be able to understand more and more every day.

Our teachers give each child around 20-30 minutes worth of homework every day to revise what has been studied in class and to prepare them for the next day’s lessons.

Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers and are university graduates with majors in Chinese language education or Chinese literature. They have also previously obtained a “teaching Mandarin as a second language” certificate before they joined us and successfully completed That’s Mandarin’s mandatory Teachers Training Course (TTC).

Teachers are selected based on their caring personality and they are highly experienced in taking care of kids and teens.

On average, every year That’s Mandarin welcomes more than 3000 students from all over the world. Since 2008, we’ve welcomed over 300 individual campers annually to join our Summer Chinese Camp. We also organize many different tour groups, such as school trips, based on our clients’ specific requirements. You may click here to find out more about our school trips. Most of our students come from North America, Europe, and Asia.

The main difference between Full Camp and Homestay Camp is the accommodation. Full Campers stay in our hotel accommodation, whereas Homestay students stay with a Chinese host family.

Both camps include cultural activities and excursions on weekdays and weekends. Evening activities at Full Camp will be with other Full Camp participants. Evening activities as part of Homestay Camp will be with host families.

Campers will be provided with 3 healthy meals per day. In a homestay, breakfast and dinner would be Chinese and prepared by the host family.

We offer a wide range of cultural activities and excursions to give campers a well-rounded insight into Chinese culture and history. Find out more about the Chinese cultural activities and excursions we offer.

Activities will be organized every evening. Our activities include but not limited to sports (table tennis, basketball, bowling, swimming, etc.), visiting Shanghai Bookstore, parks, and the Bund, KTV or movie sessions, etc.

If you attend Classes-Only Camp, it is possible to attend the cultural activities and excursions however, they will be an extra cost for each event. For more information, please contact us.

We have no specific requirement about the type of visa; all legal Chinese visas are acceptable to study with That’s Mandarin.
If you require a visa to come to China for a short-term visit, we recommend a tourist L visa. This is relatively easy to acquire. We can assist you if you have any questions.
If you’ve already got a visa and would like us to help you extend it, please send us an email with details on your current visa (type, date of expiry and issuing place, as well as your nationality, gender and passport number).
Our contacts: info@thatsmandarin.com (Beijing), info.shanghai@thatsmandarin.com (Shanghai), shenzhen@thatsmandarin.com (Shenzhen).

We recommend campers have between 100-200 RMB per day for pocket money. This is more than enough for them to buy souvenirs, snacks, etc.

Students are welcome to join our camp anytime between June and August. However, if a student joins us after our camp starts, he/she wouldn’t be able to attend the opening ceremony and would consequently be deprived of the opportunity to have a full camp experience. Total beginners are advised to join us from the first day of the camp in order for us to arrange classes that suit them best.

Unfortunately, parents won’t be allowed to join our outdoor activities. The purpose of our outdoor activities is to help develop our students’ independence. Parents are not advised to join the outdoor activities as it may diminish your kid’s incentive to speak Chinese and has a negative influence on other students as well.


That’s Mandarin requires each student to organize her/his own health insurance, which must be valid for the duration of the program.

We recommend you buy insurance from an internationally-recognized provider to avoid any possible problems when using your insurance in China.

We advise you to visit your doctor prior to traveling to check with them which vaccinations they recommend. Be aware that for some vaccinations, you may need to go over several weeks, so make sure you check with your doctor far enough in advance.

For Home-stay and Full Camp students, we offer airport pick-up and drop-off, to ensure everyone gets to their accommodation safely.

We provide a hotel accommodation for our students, and one of our teachers will be around to make sure you are well looked after. You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and will have the opportunity to attend evening and weekend activities and field trips.

If you are in a homestay, you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner and will be invited to join evening and weekend activities and field trips.

Yes, we do. Please provide your flight information to your course consultant in advance, and we will arrange airport pick-up on the day of your arrival accordingly. Please make sure that you will arrive in Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen on a Sunday, otherwise an extra fee will be charged if you arrive on a day other than Sunday.

There is always at least 1 teacher for every 3-6 students. The number of teachers depends on the age of the children. For younger children, we have more teachers supervising.

While it is possible for you to accompany your child on excursions, we don’t recommend it as the aim is for your child to be speaking Chinese. With parents around, children lose the incentive to speak Chinese.

We have a curfew in place for all students. It is possible to go out in the evenings, but only if accompanied by a member of staff or parent. It is also possible for you to give written permission to us allowing your child to go out at night if you wish.

In the event of illness, a representative from That’s Mandarin will take you to the hospital if required and will help you to acquire any medicine you need.
If first aid is required, we have staff trained in first aid who will be able to assist.
We will have members of staff available 24/7 for full camp students.


We offer healthy and nutritious Chinese food and Western food. Chinese food will be on offer every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, whereas western food will be available every Tuesday and Thursday. Our menu consists of a variety of typical Chinese and western dishes such as Chinese dumplings, xiaolongbao (small pork buns), spaghetti, pizzas, etc.  In the afternoon, snack and fruits will be provided after the first class and the second class respectively.

We are well experienced in dealing with different types of students, including those with food allergies and vegetarians. We usually ask our students to fill in a questionnaire before the camp starts to have a clear idea of each student’s specific requirements in terms of catering. Students will choose their food separately, taking factors like food allergy or vegetarianism into account.

We’ve had students with moderate food allergies before, however, if you consider your food allergy severe, we would suggest you bring your own food, and the catering costs will be deducted from your total tuition fee. There are microwaves available in the school for students to heat up their food.

Full Camp and Homestay Camp students have accommodation arranged for them. Full Camp students will stay in a modern hotel accommodation shared with other students, while Homestay Camp students will stay with a local host family and have their own bedroom.
It’s also possible to arrange private single rooms upon request.
If you’re enrolled in another camp program and need an accommodation, please contact us.

Our hotel accommodation is modern and comfortable. All rooms have air-conditioning, access to WIFI, satellite television and 24/7 hot water. Towels and bedding are provided and rooms are cleaned regularly.

Our homestay families have all been carefully selected and checked out! Most of them have hosted home-stay students before, so they can speak some or fairly simple English. Generally, they offer one bedroom for one student, including free Wifi, 24-hr hot water, air conditioning and a shared bathroom.

Distance varies depending on whether you are in homestay or hotel accommodation. The accommodation is no more than 30 minutes from the school by public transport.

A member of staff will accompany younger campers from their accommodation to the school each day. Whether it be by bus, metro or walking; they will make sure your child gets safely to school in the morning and back to the accommodation in the evening.

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