Chinese Summer Camp Activities

What do kids learn at our Chinese Camp?

We designed our Chinese Summer Camp activities in a way to make Chinese learning easy and fun and, more importantly, to produce great results.

Chinese Classes | Chinese Summer Camp
#2 | Chinese Summer Camp

Rich Cultural Activities

Not only do our campers learn the Chinese language, but also gain knowledge about the Chinese culture and history.

#3 | Chinese Summer Camp

Eye-opening Field Trips

Apart from classes, campers discover famous attractions in China and understand how China has developed over time.

#1 | Chinese Summer Camp

Curriculum & Methods

All of our Chinese classes focus on building students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Chinese Classes | Chinese Summer Camp

Cartoon Class

Campers will learn survival Chinese plus additional vocabulary that will allow them to communicate more effectively and have meaningful conversations with the local people.

Chinese Classes | Chinese Summer Camp

Reading & Writing Chinese Class

Campers also learn how to write and recognize Chinese characters. With a focus on most commonly-used characters, they will be able to recognize shop names, read a menu and write basic characters.

Chinese Classes | Chinese Summer Camp

Topic Chinese Class

In this class, the main study goal is to practice and improve speaking. A different topic will be discussed each lesson, ranging from introductions to birthdays and everything in between.

Cultural Activities | Chinese Summer Camp

Role Playing

Students will act out scenes from a Chinese storybook or movie. This technique is great for improving speaking and listening skills, as well as building up confidence using Chinese in real life.

Real-world Practice | Chinese Summer Camp

Real World Practice

Campers will take trips off campus to places where they can use the vocabulary they have been learning. Activities include buying vegetables at the market or buying museum entrance tickets.

Chinese Classes | Chinese Summer Camp

Games & Storytelling Techniques

We use a variety of methods, like games, story telling, etc., depending on the students’ learning styles to make lessons more engaging and interesting, and thus encourage learning.

#2 | Chinese Summer Camp

Diverse Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities | Chinese Summer Camp


In our calligraphy master classes, learn how to hold an ink brush, write your name or even a whole poem like the ancient Chinese scholars.

Cultural Activities | Chinese Summer Camp

Opera Mask Painting

In our Chinese Opera mask painting workshop, you’ll learn about the meaning behind each mask and have a try at making one.

Cultural Activities | Chinese Summer Camp

Making Dumplings

Chinese dumplings come in various sizes, shapes and flavors. In this class, we will learn how to make jiaozi (饺子), the most common dumplings.

Cultural Activities | Chinese Summer Camp

Paper Cutting

Chinese traditional paper cuts are often used to decorate doors and windows. Many carry meanings of good luck or fortune to be displayed during festivals.

Mahjong | Chinese Summer Camp


Mahjong is a game similar to the Western card game, rummy. It is played with a set of 144 tiles marked with Chinese characters and symbols.

Making Cold Dishes | Chinese Summer Camp

Making Cold Dishes

Learn how to make some simple cold Chinese dishes with the help of our master chef teacher and enjoy your cooking with your classmates afterwards.

Fan Painting | Chinese Summer Camp

Fan Painting

Cool down in the summer with your own hand-painted fan. Learn traditional fan ink-painting techniques and design your fan in our workshop.

Rock Climbing | Chinese Summer Camp

Painting Pandas

China and pandas often go synonymously. Learn how to paint this cute and cuddly animal using traditional Chinese painting technique.

Bean Art | Chinese Summer Camp

Bean Art

Rice, grains and beans are not only staple food in China. They can also be used to create beautiful artworks, as you will see in this class.

Diverse Sports Activities

Rock Climbing | Chinese Summer Camp

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a good way for our campers to stay active and keep fit while at our Chinese Camp. It’s challenging but fun at the same time!

Football | Chinese Summer Camp


Football seems to be a popular sports among our students, both boys and girls. It’s a great way to exercise and enjoy being out on the field.

Sports Activities | Chinese Summer Camp

Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping pong (乒乓球), is hugely popular in China. Learn and play this fun and competitive sports together with your fellow campers.

Taichi | Chinese Summer Camp

Tai Chi

Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art, has been around since the 12th century and is a great way to get fit, as well as learn some basic self defence.

Chinese Chess | Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese Chess

Chinese Chess or Xiangqi is a game of strategy and logic for two players, similar to the international chess game. It’s extremely popular in China.

Archery | Chinese Summer Camp Activities


Archery, or shejian (射箭) in Chinese, is a great sport that requires patience and precision. Our talented collaborators know how to teach young campers.

#3 | Chinese Summer Camp

Field Trips & Excursions

Visit some of the best museums, parks, shopping districts and tourist destinations in China.

Field Trips | Chinese Summer Camp

Beijing Camp

Shanghai | Chinese Summer Camp

Shanghai Camp