June 2019 | Students’ Reviews

This was a great month. We organized lots of activities, classes and workshops for our young campers.

Apart from trips and cultural events, our student also have to attend Chinese classes. They should use Chinese in daily life as well.

No wonder their Chinese level is increasing day by day! Not to mention their knowledge about Chinese culture. Let’s have a look at what they write about their stay here ☀️

This week I made some new friends and also learned a lot (I know how to make Chinese dumplings now). I also took part in rock climbing activity and made Chinese shadow puppets. This year was even better then the pervious one, because we had less homework to do. Unfortunately, this year I stayed just for one week (last year it was four weeks).

王意琳, June 2019

This week I participated in lots of interesting activities. I like That’s Mandarin so much!

小月, June 2019

I really like this Summer Camp. This week I’ve learned plenty of new Chinese words. I think that my listening skills has increased greatly. All teachers are so patient here. Thank you, That’s Mandarin!

敢墨, June 2019

We went to pottery workshop. To my mind, I didn’t do well. It was really fun, but I think that my pot just wasn’t that beautiful.

Victoria, June 2019

I think that this summer camp helped me a lot. My Chinese, especially listening skills, improved greatly. There is a great atmosphere at That’s Mandarin, it helps students to increase their Chinese level.

敢墨, June 2019

Hello! My name is Arina. I’m ten. There’re six people in my family: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, younger sister and me. I like to eat fruit. What about you?

Arina, June 2019

I really like bowling. We went bowling a lot with my family back in the US. I play bowling better than my elder brother. I feel really happy when I play bowling.

Andrew, June 2019

We went to the museum! I took lots of pictures of me inside the museum! I even saw a movie about old money! Really interesting! I love Shanghai Museum!

Victoria, June 2019