Connor’s Summer Camp Experience 2017

Connor (Student)

Name: Connor

Age: 8

Nationality: UK

What we learned about Connor: – He is smart, polite, and sweet. He welcomes surprise in his life. One of his favorite questions is: would you rather A or B? I already miss him and his questions. – Michelle

Best Summer Camp Photos

rock climbing

in the class


Connor’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: Have you learned anything at our Summer Camp?

C: I learned loads of Chinese characters like 他们,我们 and 您好. I learned how to make new friends.

Q: What makes you happy at That’s Mandarin?

C: Making new friends and going on field trips and learning. I made a lot of friends like Tristan, Brendan, Thibaut, and Joshua.

Q: What’s your favorite field trip?

C: My favourite field trip was today’s field trip when we done karaoke… because I like doing singing and using the microphone… I sang two Imagine Dragons songs, “Radioactive” and “Demons”, and I sang one by Calvin Harris called “Summer.”

Q: What else do you like?

C: I like the food. I like the T-shirt because it’s my favourite colour. I like the school bag because it has pockets in it.

Q: Will you come back next year?

C: Yes I think I’ll come back next year. And I would let my friends visit the Chinese summer camp because I want to see if they will improve Chinese or not.