Jasmine’s Summer Camp Experience 2017


Name: Jasmine

Age: 15

Nationality: UK

What we learned about Jasmine: She is a nice girl and enjoys making people smile and being sweet to others. – Sunnie

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Jasmine’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: Have you learned any Chnese characters or culture?

J: Yeah, we learned lots of characters and words. And yeah because we do cultural activities. Like we learn about the past and poems and teas and stuff.

Q: What about field trips?

J: We have the chance to navigate around Shanghai and visit new places which is so cool. And I liked going to the glass museum. It was really pretty and there’s many activities. There’s just a lot to look at.

Q: What makes you happy at That’s Mandarin?

J: Making new friends,especially with the full-campers as I spent a lot of time with them. and the new experience being in Shanghai because it’s my first time here.

Q: What do Summer Full Camp students usually do after school? 

J:  So after school, we can do whatever we want. Most times we go shopping, we get drinks like bubble tea because there’s a Coco that’s really close by. On the weekends, we go watch movies and we go on longer shopping trips and go out and have lunch.

Q: Do you like the environment of school?

J: Yeah, I do. There’s a lot of room and it has everything we need and it’s close to 7/11. And the food is really good. There’s a great variety…There’s a lot of choices and as I’m vegan, it’s still really easy and the food is still really good.