Denisse's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp


Name: Denisse

Age: 15

Nationality: USA

What we learned about Denisse: She is very friendly and loves smiling. Her voice is fabulous and we loved her songs. — Connie


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Denisse's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

Denisse's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp


Denisse’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: Have you learned any Chinese characters at That’s Mandarin Chinese Summer Camp?

D:I learned a lot. We learn characters and we also learn a lot of pinyin. So today is 今天. I learned how to say “I wash my hands”… and 你好. I improved my Chinese a lot better here.

Q: What else have you learned besides learning mandarin?

D: We learned how to make dumplings, we learned how to make a cold salad, we learned how to read poems and we also learned how to say the names of different vegetables.

Q: What’s your favorite field trip?

D: I would have to say I have two. One was rock climbing and then the other one was the trip to the Glass Museum. I think they were a lot more interactive than just looking around and walking.

Q: What are the most fun things here?

D: Coming here and making new friends. And I would say that I became more social with different people and tried to do different things.

Q: What would you like to say to your teachers?

D: Thank you for teaching me even though I say a lot of pronunciation wrong and they have a lot of patience for correcting me over and over and over again.

Q: Would you like to come back next year?

D: I would and I think I might bring a friend next year… because it was a neat experience

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