Jaiden’s Summer Camp Experience 2017

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Name: Jaiden

Age: 11

Nationality: USA

What we learned about Jaden: She is very mature and calm. Her favorite color is blue. She’s a talented dancer; when they went to the dancing club, she was so good. – Sunnie

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Jaden’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: What do you think of our Chinese Summer Camp?

J: I’ve never joined any other summer camp but I would say that this is a very good camp.

Q: What was your favorite part of the Chinese Summer Camp?

J: My favorite part of the camp is probably the field trips because we go to a lot of cool places and do a lot of cool things.

Q: Did you make any friends at Camp?

J: I have made a lot of friends here. And they’re all from different places like Alaska, Russia, Finland. A lot of like cool places.

Q: What did you think of the Camp location and environment?

J: I think personally the food is really, really good. And the environment is really calm and collected and it’s a safe environment to learn.

Q: Would you recommend our Camp to your friends back home?

J: I would definitely recommend That’s Mandarin summer camp to my friends because it’s a really good experience to meet people from places all around the world.

Q: Would like to come back again?

J: I would definitely like to come back to That’s Mandarin next year.