Kyle and Abigail’s Summer Camp Experience 2017

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Name: Kyle & Abigail

Age: 12 & 9

Nationality: USA

What we learned about Kyle and Abigail: They are naturally full of life, full loving, generally kind and thoughtful. They are always super easy to talk to and have great imagination. – Michelle

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Kyle and Abigail’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: Have you made any progress in Chinese?

A: Well I used to have a Chinese teacher named Grace and I wasn’t really learning Chinese and then my mum said we’re going to this trip to learn more Chinese and this summer camp really helped me.

K: I’d say it’s really helpful if you want to learn Chinese and you’re not really, like you don’t already know Chinese, it’s a great starter so you can get on your feet and learn the Chinese language.…it definitely made me a lot better at Chinese. In the camp over like the 3 weeks I went, I learned a lot of words. I learned a lot about speaking and also I learned some characters so it was pretty helpful for learning Chinese.

Q: What’s the most fun things with us?

A: That it’s a great place to learn Chinese and it’s really fun. They have all these like objects to play with I guess, and you get stamps so you can like play a little game where you can get ice cream and stuff or prizes. I think that it was really fun.

K: I think the morning classes and like the field trips too, they’re really fun and also you get a lot of breaks so it’s not tiring sitting in the class because there’s a lot of breaks so you can like, get up and stretch and do some stuff. So it’s pretty fun.

Q: What’s your favorite field trip?

K: My favourite field trip was one where we went to this garden, this park –  it was a lot of fun because we played games like manhunt and jump rope and we also found kittens, two kittens, and they’re fun to play with but eventually we had to let them back into the park.

Q: Do you like our summer camp T-shirt and schoolbag?

 K: I think the school bag and the T-shirt, they’re very comfy and they’re well made so when you’re wearing it, you don’t feel like it’s a big hassle to wear it. It’s comfy and easy to wear.