Zoe's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp


Name: Zoe


Nationality: USA

What we learned about Zoe: She is a sweet and energetic girl who has a dashing smile and an amazing laugh that makes anyone happy. – Fiona


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Zoe's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

Zoe's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

Zoe's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp


Zoe’s Summer Camp Experience

Q: Do you like our Chinese Summer Camp?

Z: Yes I do, because I learned a lot of things about China and their language and their culture and a lot from like the field trips and the stuff that we went to. At That’s Mandarin, I like learning a lot of new stuff and being able to have friends to do a lot of stuff with. And I like the field trips that we go on and I also like the system that we have in our second class in the afternoon where we have stars for like – it’s kind of like a prize – you get a star every time you do something well so I like that.

Q: Did you learn anything here?

Z: I’ve learned a lot about like – like a lot of new words like the traditional words. I’ve learned old poems, and some songs for children, and I’ve learned some things about the present in China. And I did learn a lot of Chinese characters and words. Some Chinese words that I learned were “如果” which is “if”. Another one is “之后” which is “after” and I learned a lot of others too.

Q: What were the most fun things about our summer camp?

Z: I think the most fun things about the summer camp were the field trips because they were really fun and we got to interact with each other and learn more about like Chinese culture and stuff. My favorite field trip was probably Yu Garden because it was really fun and it was really pretty there, and we got to like get a lot of stuff and hang out with our friends.

Q: Has this camp changed you?

Z: It’s more changed me in like the countries and culture type of like learning thing because I’ve learned a lot more Mandarin, a lot more about the Chinese culture and I’ve learned about all of these in my classes and yeah, I learned more about that than being outgoing and stuff.

Q: Is it safe at That’s Mandarin?

Z: I do feel safe because I don’t feel there are any dangers at That’s Mandarin that I’d be worried about.

Q: Will you recommend us to your friends?

Z: I would recommend my friends to come to this summer camp because I think they’d have a fun experience and they would learn a lot more things about China and the culture and they would learn a lot more Mandarin. I’d like to say that it’s like a fun place and you can learn a lot more about China and Chinese culture and you can have a lot of fun there. The people here are very nice I believe and I like the environment that we work in.

Q: Do you like our Summer Camp T-shirt?

Z: I do because I feel like it’s something that you can – I feel like it’s convenient because if we had like a lot of other T-shirts and stuff, we wouldn’t be able to find people during field trips so I feel like it’s a good thing to have.

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