Camper Diaries, Week 2 | Chinese Summer Camp Blog

Charles, 12


At school, I write a lot of Chinese characters. I also watch short films and say sentences about the films. We get points if we say a long and correct sentence. We review the work that we do a lot. We also make sentences.  I like my main teacher, Xu laoshi. She makes the class super fun. We get to watch lots of funny films. After that, we have a bunch of competitions with points.  At That’s Mandarin, I also love to go out and play. We’ve gone to a museum with a bunch of cool, prehistoric animals. I also like to play games we played like 6 games yesterday, but all in Chinese. My favorite game was “Luobo dun” which also can review the words we learned through it.

Jaime, 11


我在思道睿一共学习了两个星期,我每天都很开心。我们早上学习汉语,下午做文化游戏。我们画了脸谱,写了毛笔字。 我和其他同学和老师们去了很多地方,比如田子坊、动物园、大自然博物馆等等,但是大自然博物馆是我最喜欢去的地方。那里有各种各样的东西。午饭也很好吃,但是我最喜欢吃饺子。我觉得我的汉语进步了很多,因为老师和同学们都跟我说中文。

In total, I spent two weeks studying at That’s Mandarin. I had fun every day. In the morning, we studied Chinese. In the afternoon, we did cultural activities. We painted masks and did calligraphy. I went with teachers and other students to a lot of places like Tianzifang, the Shanghai Zoo, and the Natural History Museum. But, the museum was my favorite. They have all sorts of things.  Lunch is also good, but my favorite thing to eat is dumplings.  I think my Chinese improved a lot because my teachers and other students all spoke Chinese with me.

Ellie, 9


I studied at That’s Mandarin for two weeks. I learned a lot of things. I studied a lot of characters and learned how to use the new ones in stories. For Dragon Boat Festival cultural studies, I told a long story about Qu Yuan and the teacher said I did a good job and gave me a small prize. I was really excited.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have field trips. I went with the other campers and teachers to the Natural History Museum, the Shanghai Zoo, and the Film Museum. All those places were really fun. We had to do different tasks and they all required us to use Chinese.  I am very happy at camp and I want to come back next year if Mom and Dad say I can and I do well in my classes in Singapore.

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